Aschersleben residency video

While working on a residency in Aschersleben at the Neo Rauch Grafik Stiftung from July to September in 2016 the residents were interviewed by Thomas Werner for a documentary series.

Check out the video below, or follow this LINK to YouTube.

I hope the Ascherlebeners aren't too upset with my comments and first impressions of the locals!!

This opportunity was a lovely experience and looking back it was important to the development of my work. We were spoilt as residents and I greatly appreciate how rare this kind of support and situation was for my career. I am planning to spend more time in Aschersleben in the future as well as exploring other parts of East Germany, because this area has made an incredibly strong impression on me. 

ID Vice interview

While on the LIA residency over 2015-2016 I was interviewed about Leipzig and its creative scene. The series runs over four episodes, split between the cities of Lisbon and Leipzig. 

They even captured my bed-hair (thanks film crew!) while we chatted in my studio.