Sedimente Exhibition event

Images taken earlier this month of LIA's 10 year anniversary event "Sedimente" held in the Werkschau building within the Spinnerei complex.

Aschersleben residency video

While working on a residency in Aschersleben at the Neo Rauch Grafik Stiftung from July to September in 2016 the residents were interviewed by Thomas Werner for a documentary series.

Check out the video below, or follow this LINK to YouTube.

I hope the Ascherlebeners aren't too upset with my comments and first impressions of the locals!!

This opportunity was a lovely experience and looking back it was important to the development of my work. We were spoilt as residents and I greatly appreciate how rare this kind of support and situation was for my career. I am planning to spend more time in Aschersleben in the future as well as exploring other parts of East Germany, because this area has made an incredibly strong impression on me.