"Sedimente" Jubiläumsausstellung

It is an important 10 year anniversary for the Leipzig International Art Program (LIA) which I attended from 2015-16. 

Key artworks from the LIA collection are part of this group exhibition at the huge Werkschau building in the Spinnerei. Several of my own paintings are also included. 

We've just finished installing the work and setting up the space for the opening night on 8th March. The exhibition runs until 24 March


"Affects on Absorption" exhibition

This weekend will be interesting as I have work in and will attend the Autumn Rundgang at the Spinnerei in Leipzig. Its an epic public event and always really fun to see the Spinnerei come to life in this way, as it is usually a quiet set of buildings where artists work. 

This year is an official relationship with German and Australian Governments, with a cultural program titled Australia Now. The LIA residency studios are exhibiting my work and many other residents from Australia.


"Probed Light" exhibition

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Currently I have a dual exhibition at KTR Gallerie in Leipzig. My exhibiting partner is the Spanish painter and my friend is Carlos Sagrera.  

Carlos and I have both been residents at LIA, in the Spinnerei

Steve Uhlig of ActiveART is the mastermind of the exhibition. 

KTR are wonderful in their support and hosting. The gallery/ office space is a great enterprise. 

The artist, philosopher an writer Samantha Groenestyn filtered down Carlos and my ideas into a clear statement. Have a read of the text HERE

A new exhibition!

For the last six months I have had the excellent experience of painting full time on a residency at Sculptors Qld. On the grounds of the Old Museum and under this gorgeous historic building Ive been chipping away at paintings, and now they are almost ready to exhibit!

In three weeks I will be having an exhibition in the newly renovated foyer of the Old Museum itself.

My accomplices in the exhibition are artists Samantha Groenestyn and Adolphe Piche. Both are residency artists of Sculptors Qld. Together we are exhibiting recent work and invite you to celebrate with us. 

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Process of a painting: "Bathurst Rhythms"

In mid 2014 I travelled to Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia so as to observe its landscape and seek out imagery for new paintings. The works would be exhibited in a show called 'Journeys West' at the Orange Regional Gallery

The photos below show some of the creative stages while in Bathurst and back in the Brisbane Studio.

The trip was a quiet, meditative and much needed escape. I peeked over the fence of private land and national park landscape trying to glean the unique characteristics. The drama and scale of the natural forms impressed me most and these qualities motivated the pictures for the show. 

The final works do not have man made elements because the landscape was so expressive and grand without it.


Composition drawings from life

Composition drawings from life

En Plein Air colour study

En Plein Air colour study

Left + middle: Studies with different colour palettes   Right: Final palette and composition

Left + middle: Studies with different colour palettes

Right: Final palette and composition

Ink composition

Ink composition

Final painting: "Bathurst Rhythms". Oil on linen. 65x65cm.

Final painting: "Bathurst Rhythms". Oil on linen. 65x65cm.