Paper Earth book

Im one of the artists featured in a new monthly volume, created as an ebook series by

The masterminds are the artists Miles Lewis & Steven Van.  

Purchases of this publication support Based in LA, Tree People plant & care for trees, harvest rain and renew depleted landscapes. 

The book project has a beautiful objective: engaging artists who honour the environment, connecting with the public and raising funds for environmental causes.

Contributing artists include:

Susan Abbott / Erik Linton / Denny Bales / Jeanne Dunn / Lesley Goren / Andrew James Mckay / Cassie Zhang / Cathy Weiss / Skye Amber Sweet / Vivian Shih / Michelle Rozic / Lark Pilinsky / Gregory RadionovFabian Lijtmaer / Cheryl Richey / Carolyn Lord / Toti O'Brien / Donna Leavitt / Philipa Bearle / Julian Perry / Jane Eaton / Tim Craven 


Cover artwork by Miles Lewis